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Here at Handale Pixie Bobs, all of our kittens receive basic vaccinations for the following between 12-14 weeks of age:

  • Feline Rhinotracheitis (R)
  • Feline Calicivirus (C)
  • Feline Panleucopaenia (P)

Our resident Pixie Bobs all receive annual boosters as they regularly go on accompanied walks and therefore we wish to minimise the risks that their socialisation may present.  However anyone purchasing a Pixie Bob may wish to consider the arguments for and against regular vaccination and should also familiarise themselves with information regarding reactions that Pixie Bobs may experience through immunisation.

Please note that we do not vaccinate against the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) as a matter of personal choice. 

At approximately 10-12 weeks of age, our kittens are routinely wormed prior to them leaving for their new homes.  We would not worm them earlier unless they displayed any symptoms.  We take the same approach with other parasite control, i.e. fleas and ticks. 

As part of a normal hygiene routine, all kittens/cats have their claws trimmed regularly, their ears and eye area cleaned with cotton wool pads and are brushed and bathed as necessary.

At Handale we believe that a good diet is the absolute ‘key’ to your new friend’s welfare.  We feed mainly Royal Canin and Hills Veterinary Formulae dried food, which provides the balanced nutrients required for good health, coat and skin.  We are aware of breeding friends who use other brands equally successfully, however to change diets can often result in upset ‘tummies’ and we refer to the motto ‘why fix something that’s not broken?’.

Applaws tinned food is given for a treat at Handale.  If we ever purchase an alternative food, we look for the highest meat/fish content, but again caution should be taken when introducing something new into your little friend’s diet.

Other things to be very careful of with your cat or kitten which are vital to your Pixie Bob’s well-being are:

  • Remember that your ‘little one’ will chew anything that is soft plastic, has stickers or strings/wires on, including cat toys and Christmas decorations (tinsel etc).  Therefore left unattended with toys, packaging, bags of this nature, your Pixie Bob, is exposed to choking or intestinal hazards.  Equally you may have no appliances that work!
  • Certain types of cat litter can be fatal and can ‘clog’ the intestines.  At Handale we use The Worlds Best Cat Litter, made from corn, which is digestible if consumed. This litter is also environmentally friendly and can be disposed of efficiently with minimum waste.
  • Remember that all open doors and windows (even partially opened) give escape routes or a height from which to fall.  You may never get you beloved pet back or they may never recover from the fall.  A Pixie Bob thinks it’s invincible and they’re also so cunning, so if it looks as though it isn’t taking any notice of that window, it most definitely is!
  • An unaccompanied Pixie Bob may wander off never to be seen again, and whilst it may be clever, so are thieves!


The information provided in our ‘care’ page is based purely on our personal experience and personal preferences.  It is given in good faith and without liability.  You should consult a veterinarian trusted by yourself with regards to the care for your own Pixie Bob.

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